The fragile Euphoria

Euphoria is a tv series signed by HBO by Philip A. Bernett, which was released 2019 and available on Sky. 
Attracted to the cast (Zendaya as Rue Benner, Eric Dane as Cal Jacobs, Jacob Elodi as Cal’s son Nate Jacobs) I started watching the first episode about a month ago and watching the first twenty minutes, the serie did not satisfied me, I found it heavy, at times vulgar and very extreme. I actually changed my mind two weeks ago and I wanted to continue to watch the first episode and go on until the end. 
Is certainly a tiring series for it dealt closely to every boy and girl of this era, taken to the extreme of the consequences, allowing everyone to reflect on the behavior of the society, on the skeletons that each of us has in our closet. 
The scene shows in their crudeness, representing a reality without filter in the stricter sense of term a pornographic reality, where there is no censorship except in the characters themselves who, trying to have everything under control, end up letting themselves go to every vital impulse that apparently gives them back the flavor of life that escapes from their hands.
Sex, drugs, violence, unstable relationships, these are the principal arguments of Euphoria that integrate the audience infront of the television desirous of redemption of every character that are found chained from their mistakes and on their dependence. 
Another topic dealt with, probably the second to those listed above which it deserves to be explored, is the relationship between mother, father and daughter, son built according to accepting the truth that no one chooses the family with which they feed a conflictual relationship made up of secrets, lies and anger. This is the case of Nate who, as a child, found himself discovering the cutting truth about his father and closing it in his mind, without facing a dialogue with him, introjected his own behaviors and received an uncontrollable anger. Situation opposite to that of his girlfriend Maddy who instead sees in front of her eyes the unresolved and insignificant relationship of her mother and father is constantly looking for confirmation, perfection and certainties to cling to in order not to lead a life similar to that of her parents.
The protagonist and narrator of Euphoria is Rue Bennett who let us enter into her life as a drug addict which began to fill the void she has been carrying since she was about eleven years old. Rue lets us know her thoughts, her agitation and her feelings, her life made up of a constant balance and not being overwhelmed with a new girl in town, Jules also too fragile and has a sensitive soul. 
Euphoria is the one from other series that made me believe and left me to reflect more. I am curious to watch the second season that they are filing at the current moment.
Have you watched it? Did you like it?


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